SpinMe Alarm Clock - Guaranteed Wake Up for Deep Sleepers 앱 리뷰

Waste of money

To complicated and has never worked.

Great Idea!

It's amazing how much concentration it takes to get this thing to turn off. I have a really hard time getting outta bed, but w this app on, I don't even get back in bed, Look ma, no snooze! Added after several years of use-having alot of trouble w iPhone 8’s wonky volume control and “DoNotDisturb function” missed second important morning yesterday :(

Doesn’t work.

Snooze should be my middle name because I can sleep through all my alarms and I always hit snooze, faithfully. After doing research and looking over reviews... I was enticed to buy this app. However, this alarm was a waste and made me even think if all the positive reviews were “false advertisement”. I have had this for three days and the only time the alarm went off was when I was already up and clicked on the 100s of notifications from the app. Also, I keep the app open, Bluetooth and do not disturb are off, volume is on full blast and phone is on the charger. I have also tried putting my phone facing up, down, etc. I’m still waiting to hear back from the merchant. If you are a deep sleeper like me, don’t get this app. Sleep cycle works best for me but I needed something to force me out of my bed sometimes and this was not It.

Not helpful

I have a horrible habit of snoozing my alarm and oversleeping. Well I thought this would solve my problems. Nope. I set my alarm to 10:30am and it didn’t go off until 11:17. Pretty sure that’s not helpful!! Oh and the alarm doesn’t make any sound if your phone is on silent and the alarm can be silenced by putting your phone on silent. So no you don’t need to get out of bed


I 100% would have failed my 8am classes in college if it wasn't for this app. If you're a heavy sleeper or have to set a dozen alarms- this app is a MUST have

Doesn’t even work

Downloaded this last year and it worked great up until the alarm wouldn’t actually go off. Deleted it, redownloaded last night. I randomly Woke up at 330am and the app still said I had 4 hours until the alarm goes off at 5:20am. Luckily I woke up earlier to delete this thing! Fix it. It was great when it worked. Now it’s just plain useless.

I get up an hour earlier now!

I started this app a week ago and have been getting up an hour earlier since the day I started. It’s changed my mornings and was so easy!

Good, simple alarm clock

I had a hard time waking up, so I tried a bunch of apps, but none of them worked. SpinMe has definitely helped out with that though. I only gave it four stars because it is a very simple app. You set your time to wake up, the alarm sound, and that’s it. You can’t change the amount of spins you have to do or anything else. It’s good at what it can do, and that’s about it.

Doesn’t work

This app doesn’t work. I don’t think it is updated to work with later iOS updates. The alarm never goes off, like it doesn’t have a sense of time. Don’t waste your money.

Waste of money

Three days and the alarm has not gone off for me once. No big deal if it was a free app, but it’s not. Not worth oversleeping, use the Apple alarm, it’s free and it works.

Easy to Silence

Doesn’t work for me because if the alarm stops ringing if I quit out of the app.

Hate this alarm

So I set it the alarm on 2 different occasions everything said it was good to go I followed the instructions.But it didn’t go off when I woke up my phone had spin me notifications but no sound no vibration nothing.Worst money I’ve ever spent.


I turned it on to wake me up at 7 am, and I woke up by myself at 8:15 and looked at the alarm which said it still had an hour left to go.

Helped me get up so much better!

I used to use the default alarms but I would always just shut them off instead of hitting snooze. The fact that this app makes me actually get up and move before shutting off is amazing. I never get back down to go back to sleep and it’s saved me a lot of stress from getting schoolwork done in the morning. Also the tones are great!

If you think nothing will wake you up, get this app

I thought I could sleep through anything until this app came around. It's annoying as ever to be honest and makes my roomate so mad since I do end up delaying my wake up but nevertheless, it is the ONLY thing that actually wakes me up for class.

Helpful, but it lets me cheat

This app has been a morning saver.. until my half asleep self realized I can hit the off button if I time it right. You can also hit the volume button and the alarm will stop for a few seconds. Yes, I'm that bad in the mornings. If the alarm didn't have these glitches, it would be over 5 stars. It gets me out of bed and at least a little awake.

Needs update

Please update. After IOS 11 the clock no longer synchs up to the phone’s clock. So when my alarm goes off it does not make me spin anymore, it merely shows I have time remaining until it goes off and I can turn the alarm off without spinning. Needs update please!

Solid overall

At first this app worked great for me. It really helped get me out of bed in the mornings, but then one morning when I really didn't want to get up, I found an easy way to stop the alarm after playing around with it a little. Because of this loophole I basically just snooze this app now and it's useless to me. They need to fix the loophole and give more tone options, I hate the sound of this alarm now.


Don’t get this app. It works just fine, but it uses the volume dial instead of the ringer. And whenever the alarm goes off, it’s on the quietest volume setting possible.

Raises the volume in case you didn't hear

This app is great because sometimes there is a problem of me not hearing the alarm and every time it loops it turns the volume up which I thought was really helpful

Great for waking up but needs more options!

I have a very hard time waking up, and this app definitely has helped! The only way around spinning to turn off the alarm is deleting the app. It really has made a difference in helping ensure I wake up on time! However, I do have a few complaints with it: As other reviews mention too, this app definitely can make you dizzy when you spin around while tired. Some mornings when I am more tired than others, I get dizzier than usual. I would love a setting to spin one way then the other, which I think would help offset dizziness. Next, although spinning does make me dizzy on some occasions I wish there was an option to increase the number of spins required. That, coupled with opposite direction spinning would definitely make sure I don't go back to bed anyway!


Early morning me really hates this app, but it wakes me up every time! I work second shift and there are some mornings I have to get up very early afterwards, this does the trick! I usually set my regular alarm for a few minutes before, and even knowing this is going to go off soon is enough to get me out of bed.

App must stay open to work

The app must stay open to work. You can't set the alarm and then return to your home screen or actually turn off your screen. The app will make your screen dark when you set the phone face down but the app is still open and running. The alarm will not work in the background unless your volume is on. Great, great, fantastic idea but I deleted it because I don't want to leave the app running all the time.

Finally!! Very Effective Alarm

I am terrible at waking up to alarms. I won't even wake up, or will press snooze in my sleep. This finally gets me up and going, just in time for entering the workforce. Thank you!

Did not work

Have an iPhone and this never worked for me even though I followed their instructions on leaving it on and turning it face down :( fail

Not so great on the 7

Loved this on the 6 but having issues on the 7. Sound is always muted even though I have the sound on DND off.

Actually makes me....

Actually makes me get out of bed. I love that I can't snooze it and it's forces me to move. I know I know. Sounds horrible when you have to crawl out of bed, but it's great if you're like me and you hit snooze for an hour 😂

Doesn't work!

The concept sounds great, but it doesn't work. I hate to be this person, but this app doesn't work, I keep setting it up but it won't ring. And the fact that it won't work if you have the no disturb on or silent mode, whats the point? You won't be able to sleep anyway. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS.

Great app. Gets me up!

The only thing I wish is that I couldn't turn it on vibrate.

Works but does not reset if deleted

This alarm clock is worth your money but sometimes is the most annoying thing ever. If I'm super tired and in a deep sleep and don't want to spin, sometimes I just delete the app. But then when I'm setting my alarm before bed I have to re-download it. When you open it back up it forces you to spin. Then you set your alarm and turn it on and it makes you spin again. I usually end up having to spin before I go to bed every night but overall a great app.

Potential to be great

This app could is a life saver on most days. Unfortunately it does allow me to turn it off at time rather than spin around first. When it does force me to get up and spin in order to turn off sometimes I decide to allow myself another few minutes of sleep, but if I reset it for some reason the second time starts vibrating. Woke up a few times very late. I'm disappointed being though I still have to set a few alarms beside this one.

Not for me.

I had high hopes for this, but unfortunately if you're stubborn and can find a way around it, it doesn't work at all. I managed to do it while asleep, and after fiddling with it awake I've found if you hold it with your thumbs and spin it over your head in a circle fast enough it works. Definitely deleting, wish I got my money back.

Doesn't work

Maybe it's because of low battery mode but this does not work. The alarm never goes off. If I set it to go off in 1 minute or 10 hours it's the same thing. The app doesn't track the current time. If I set the alarm to go off in 3.75 hours and don't touch my phone for 4 hours the first thing I will say is 3.75 hours until it goes off unless I restart the app. Would love a refund

Does the job

It works well and gets you up. It doesn't have much else to it though but it's worth a few bucks.


So... all you have to do is turn the volume down to stop the alarm from sounding. Am I missing something? Also mine keeps resetting in the middle of the night . Unless I'm doing something wrong this is a big disappointment !


Works so well!

Nearly perfect

This alarm is working to wake me up better than any other yet. I just wish I didn't have to reset it every night. That is the one area where it can get messed up. Otherwise, it's great.

No more oversleeping

7 days and I am no longer oversleeping. I've been using Style Cycle along with SpinMe. If I want to wake up at 6:30 I set Sleep Cycle for 6:15 to 6:45 and Spin me for 6:45. Sleep cycle wakes me up gently and 2 spins from SpinMe and I am wake enough to make a conscious decision to say up. I've used tried several apps. But I can truly say these are the best of them all. You don't have to keep your screen from unlocking and even if you force close SpinMe it will still alarm. A fool proof way to wake up and feel great. Good day all


I use this app every time I have a flight to catch, an early wake-up that I'm likely to sleep through or any other sensitive matter. The negative reviews about it making you spin are LAUGHABLE, you oversleep your alarms so badly that you sought out a more effective alarm. What could be more effective that forcing you to get out of bed and move around to turn it off? I wish I could give it 6 stars.

This app is AMAZING!!

Never in my life have I been able to get up as easily and quickly as I do now with this app , I jave never slept through it which is very surprising because i am a VERY heavy sleeper. Never deleting this app!

Works every time.

I can't EVER get up. It's like I turn into a different person that is a sleep addict. I'm pretty sure that if my morning self were faced with the option of getting up and throwing a bag of kittens in a river, it would choose the river every time. THIS gets me up! It's maybe the only thing that will. Woo!

Very Effective

Can't be turned off without getting up and spinning. I tried various ways of stopping it without getting up, just to see if it's possible--it isn't. The "end of the world" tone is by far the worst tone I've heard, which means it's great for actually waking up. If you're going to close your eyes even for a few seconds after spinning, do yourself a favor and set another alarm. This is excellent for people who sleep through alarms. Don't rate it poorly because you went back to sleep after; that's on you.

Very effective

This app is the worst in the best kind of way. It gets me out of bed every morning. Your only option to shutting the thing off is spinning around not once but twice. I've tried to delete the app while it's going off but it's harder than you would think. Overall it does the job.

Great App- Greater Potential

Definitely works in terms of forcing you to get up. You have to have both thumbs set and the phone must be level, so you have to get out of bed. The only criticism I have is the lack of options. There are many other methods that could be added. Math problems, steps, etc.

Able to turn off without spinning

When I tap the app to turn off the alarm the screen is the same as when I set my alarm the night before. It says I have x hours before the alarm goes off and I just hit off then it turns off. Maybe the trick is to tap the alert when the alarm goes off. Also could use more settings.

Only thing that works for me!

Even when I've set my alarm across the room, I've still been asleep enough to just go back to bed. With SpinMe, the act of having no way to turn the alarm off but to stand up and spin around twice wakes me up enough to where I don't feel like it's next to impossible to get started with my day!

Best alarm!

Been using this for years. Never failed me. Thanks for the great app!

Doesn't work

I'm pretty irritated that I spent money on this app and it doesn't work at all. The alarm doesn't even go off. For one, you have to leave the app open (which drains my battery pretty badly). For two, you can only set one alarm. For three, the alarm doesn't even go off. At all. Yeah, I'm irritated.


Great app had a hard time waking up in the mornings this sure does the trick.

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