SpinMe Alarm Clock - Guaranteed Wake Up for Deep Sleepers App Reviews

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Im too lazy

So, I found out that if youre feeling too lazy to get up you can just uninstall the app, it worked for the first time but now it doesnt make any sense to continue using the app.

Spin It


Great Idea!

Its amazing how much concentration it takes to get this thing to turn off. I have a really hard time getting outta bed, but 3/4 times so far w this app on, I dont even get back in bed, and am able to start my day much sooner! Look ma, no snooze!

100% of the time it works!

Reliable Loud Cannot be tricked or snoozed Worth the money THANKS!!! If it can wake me up it can wake you up!

Does the job

Gets me out of bed, my only issues are that A: you cannot set multiple alarms/you cannot set it to repeat daily; and B: you have to keep it open facedown all night. Otherwise its good but Im keeping my eyes open for something better


This thing is a miracle, to think I was just about invest $50 into a fancy alarm clock off of Amazon, this thing is worth the $2!!! (Just beware that if your screen breaks or stops working that it never shuts off

The best

Only thing that will wake me up.

Dont waste your money

I love the idea of this app! Im glad it seems to work for others and I wish I could get it to work. Unfortunately, each night when I set an alarm it never goes off. The app is not even functional. Ive read other reviews that have experienced similar problems. The app developers would be wise to give some instruction on how to make the app functional.

Great in theory

Used to work fine, but now the alarm never goes off for the set time. Would love to see this bug fixed.

Alarm doesnt go off

Loved the idea, but no matter how I manage the settings, the alarm never goes off. If I set it for 7am, it says "1 minute remaining" on the alarm at 7:15! Not worth it.


All I had to do was press the lock button on my iPhone and the alarm turned off. Not even snoozed but just turned off. Not so unbeatable.

Annoyed and still asleep!

It says it starts off in low volume and then gets louder, but most of the time it doesnt get out of low volume??? And therefore doesnt wake me up! Even if I put full volume on ring and sound and have the app already on and have my phone charging, most of the time its at a low volume and only wakes me up like 30 minutes or more or even never. I dont know why its doing this for me....

Garunteed to wake you up

Best alarm ever. It will force you out of bed. Ive used it every morning for the past three years and I cant live without it.

Best $1.99 Ive ever spent

I have had a problem oversleeping/ turning off my alarm clock in the mornings for years. I have not overslept in two weeks since I got spin me. I absolutely hate it in the morning, because I hate waking up, but it is honestly the only alarm clock that has ever worked for me. I highly recommend this app.

Doesnt ring anymore...

The alarm doesnt go off anymore, making it useless.. This app is a great app, but if it doesnt work right, then its useless, please fix it

not bad

Interface could be better, but the app does its job and does it well. Could use an update but its been two years so seems like the dev has abandoned it. Shame because its a pretty good app


This alarm was a life saver for me the first year I bought it. I am a heavy sleeper and spinning around in a circle two times was enough to keep me from going back to bad. I would give it 5 stars but since I downloaded it on my new iphone 7 I am able to turn it off before it asks me to spin around. Therefore, I am back to going to sleep!!

Its been pretty effective

Looks like there are a lot of copycats now but Ive had this for a few years and its really helped get me out of bed on those morning I used to oversleep.

Works great!

Just like everyone else, I do think it lacks a variety of options, but it is a great app and gets me up every time! Great choice for an alarm clock!!

Never late for work

Gets you up and moving, been using app for 3+ years. Never late again.

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